“Rokuro Taniuchi’s Paint Box” has been published

“Rokuro Taniuchi's Paint Box" has been published

The book “Rokuro Taniuchi's Paint Box—the Drawers of Imagination" has been published from Tokyo Shimbun. This book is a fresh and warm look at the works of Rokuro Taniuchi, a painter who grew up without ever forgetting his inner child, and was published in conjunction with the exhibit “100th Anniversary of Rokuro Taniuchi: A Dream That Will Never End", currently being held at the Yokosuka Museum of Art.


書籍「谷内六郎のえのぐ箱 想像のひきだし」が東京新聞社より出版されました。子供心を忘れないままおとなになった画家、谷内六郎の作品を、横須賀美術館で開催中の「生誕100年 谷内六郎展 いつまで見ててもつきない夢」に合わせて、新鮮かつ暖かな目線で篇算した一冊です。

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