Simple, clear, and bold.

We excel at simple, clear, and bold concept ideation and design execution.
We focus on art, lifestyle, and technology
and wish to collaborate with socially conscious people and companies
in order to propose and create new value.


Daikoku Design Institute

NDC Tokyo
NDC LosAngeles
  • Daigo Daikoku
    Daigo Daikoku  |  Art Director, Graphic Designer
    Daigo Daikoku entered Nippon Design Center after graduating from the Kanazawa College of Art in 2003, and started Daikoku Design Institute in 2011. He moved to Los Angeles in 2018. He has worked with companies, educational organizations, the government, architects, and artists to create projects in various fields. His interests are in art, lifestyle, and technology; and he works closely in the above fields to create new value. He has created design with a holistic approach, having a home ground in graphic design and crossing bounds to work in fields including brand-ing, visual identity, packaging, editorial design, web, motion graphics, typography, product design, and storefront design. His works and concepts value simplicity, clarity, and boldness, aiming to communicate not only information but also emotions and philosophies. Some major projects include: total creative direction for TAKAO 599 MUSEUM, the “mountain and nature” themed museum for the Takao Mountain that prides the highest number of climbers in the world (2015-); creative direction for a multi-sensory exhibition The Art of Bloom that focuses on the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature (2019-); exhibition design for Japan House LA's "HIDA: A Woodworking Tradition in the Making"(2020); "New Language" textbook for lan-guage class in Japanese elementary schools(2020); book design for "Waka poetry by Empress Michiko" (2015); art direction for MUJI annual global Christmas campaign (2009-2014); brand-ing for PRISTINE, the most renowned organic cotton brand in Japan (2010-); and package design for Koshino Kanbai, one of Japanʼs most renowned premium sake brands (2015-). Major awards include: D&AD (UK), NY ADC, Clio Award, One Show Design (NY), FRAME Award (HL), Tokyo ADC Hiromu Hara award (the highest ranking award in Japanese design), JAGDA New Designer Award, JAGDA Award, Japan Sign Design Association Award, and many more.
    2003年金沢美術工芸大学卒業後、日本デザインセンター入社。2011年大黒デザイン研究室設立。2018年から拠点をLAに移す。グラフィックデザインを基軸におきながら、 CI、VI、広告、パッケージ、ブックデザイン、映像、プロダクト、ストアデザイン、美術館の総合ディレクションなど、企業や教育機関から行政の仕事まで、様々なスケールのプロジェクトを行っています。特にアート、ライフスタイル、テクノロジーにフォーカスし、新たな価値創出のためのプロジェクトに積極的に取り組んでいます。コンセプトの構築から携わり、目的を明確にし、その目的を達成するための最適な表現方法を選択することで、ただ情報を伝えるのではなく、その背景や哲学を伝えたいと考えています。代表的な仕事として、山と自然をテーマにした博物館「TAKAO 599 MUSEUM」の総合ディレクション。人と花の共生をテーマにしたインタラクティブな展覧会「The Art of Bloom」のクリエイティブディレクション。JAPAN HOUSE Los Angelesでの「HIDA展」の展覧会デザイン。日本全国の小学校で使用されている「新しい国語」の教科書や「皇后美智子さまの御歌」のブックデザイン、オーガニックコットンブランド「PRISTINE」のアートディレクション。「無印良品」や「武蔵野美術大学」の大学案内や広告のアートディレクション。「越乃寒梅」のパッケージデザインなど。平面から、立体、映像、空間まで様々な文脈で、領域にとらわれないデザインの提案を行っています。主な受賞歴:東京ADC原弘賞、JAGDA新人賞、JAGDA賞、 SDA賞、D&AD(UK)、NYADC、One Show、Clio Award(US)、FRAME Award(HL)ほか多数。
  • Kosuke Tsurube
    Kosuke Tsurube  |  Designer
    After graduating from Tama Art University's Department of Information Design in 2017, he joined Nippon Design Center in the same year.
  • Kenji Takaishi
    Kenji Takaishi  |  Project Manager
    Worked in the finance industry and advertising agency before joining Nippon Design Center in 2014. After joining the company, he was in charge of Toyota Motor Corporation, Asahi Group Holdings, and P&G.
    高石 憲治|プロデューサー
  • Hiroko Kusano
    Hiroko Kusano  |  Administration and Operations
    Working in US for over 20 years in cultural and start-up organizations, she joined NDCLA in 2022.
  • Weying Ma
    Weying Ma  |  Junior Designer
    After graduating MFA in Graphic Design from ArtCenter College in 2023, Weiying joined Nippon Design Center UCA.
    Weying Ma|ジュニアデザイナー